Music Monday!!

   It's another Monday!! And apparently, it's the last one for August! How time flies, doesn't it? Although, as much as I can say that I still remember the first Music Monday of the month, I'm afraid I can't... I've been very busy these past couple of weeks, and so I may as well check what the song was for the first of August. Haha! Plus, even if I do want to hibernate this weekend, I still wasn't able to, even today, because as I'm typing this I got home from a day out again!
   Either way, I want all of us to have some good vibes for today. So, I chose to post Nao vs. A.K. Paul's "So Good" that is literally sooo good for a busy day that you won't resist feeling a gush of calmness and positive vibrations through your body and mind! I know I sounded kind of "zen" there but oh well...
   Have at it below!! ;)

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