"Nothing good happens after 2AM." - How Soon Is Now?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

"Nothing good happens after 2AM."

   Last night, I found myself in this situation that happens often at - yes, you've got it - around two in the morning and afterwards... As you've already known, I'm usually still awake at that time, due to my very and badly fucked up body clock, so it's not actually a surprise anymore, right? But then, I suddenly remembered that Ted Mosby quote from How I Met Your Mother that "Nothing good happens at 2AM." 
   And damn right he was!
   I always find myself pondering and worrying about things that I always try to avoid and think about during the day at that time. Of course, that's not healthy. Not healthy, at all. I've had this feeling of dread since the past week, that it's left me with this bitter taste in my mouth. It's just unsettling and upsetting, and just plain negative. It's not exactly what I call anxiety, because for me that's different, but what I feel at the end of the day is some sort of hopelessness. I wish I could explain better, but I'm afraid I couldn't. Still... I assure you that it's an entirely different kind of feeling, nothing too drastic, but just comes with a great feeling of discomfort that I'm not particularly fond of... Same as everyone else, I think.
   But when I remembered that quote last night, it made me get my shit back together again, and relief gushed through my veins because it couldn't be any more true! Plus, it's also true what Samantha Jones from Sex And The City said especially after two AM, "Sweetheart, you can't  go listening to every fucking little voice that goes running through your head. It'll drive you nuts!" 
    I guess I should just go to sleep before that time or earlier even...
    For my sanity's sake.

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