Fashion Friday!! - BLACKOUT

   Another outfit post?
   I seriously cannot believe that I'm doing yet another outfit post, considering the fact that I hardly do it. But either way, I guess it was just purely coincidental since I've been out and about, running from one place to another yet again. As for my other go-to look, wearing all black is like my own form of uniform. It never gets and feels old, and I always love it! Plus, I've finally found a perfect pair of high-waist pants from Forever 21 that I've been searching for for such a long time! I could finally use my high-neck, halter crop top, in which I've been saving in my closet for quite some time now, because I didn't really like having my belly button shown in the entire world when I wear it with a pair of low-rise or low-waist jeans. So... I had to resort to waiting and hunting for the high-waist pants.
   As for my boots, you know it's a must... ;) So how's your Friday so far? I hope you're having a great one! ;)
  Oh and thanks to my friend, Johnrey, for the rather candid(-ish) looking photos. ;P

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