Fashion Friday!! - FALL

   My August started and ended with a BANG!
   Now we all know that there are only two seasons here in the Philippines and those are: summer and the rainy season. But last Sunday, I went out with my mum and my gurl, Johnrey, to watch Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For, and all of a sudden, I was dressed in a plaid dress and patent leather boots. It was completely coincidental, I assure you. I just felt like dressing up that day, and so I did. The boots came from my mother's closet though, and basically she let me wear them because my outfit had her stamp of approval. Haha!
   I guess it was some sort of my tribute to transitioning to fall, when summer finally ends and school is back! At least, for all of you out there living in the States and in Europe. I wish you all a good luck on your first days! ;)

Selfie while we were on our way :)

| DRESS: Forever 21 | SHOES: Zara | 

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