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   Are you just as surprised as I am that I've got to complete all four Fridays for the month of September? Yup. I seriously am! I was about to actually take a break from Fashion Fridays for at least a week, considering the fact that this is not a scheduled post. But I figured that I should go for it, to complete it for this month. So yeah, I couldn't be any happier!
   As you've already known from my first INSTALOOK post, I will be posting some of the looks that I've uploaded on my Instagram account (follow me!!) for the past couple of months. And since we've already gone through the earlier months of the year and ended with last July's, now I'll be posting here the ones from last month, and for this month! Fortunately, Instagram fixed the issue with that photo I intended to upload for last June, so now, I can finally post that too. :)


  • Caption: "Lounging around while waiting, after a not-so mundane Monday..."

  • Caption: "Elevator #selfie." ;P
  • Caption: "Windswept." -- My cousin actually gave me these pair of sunglasses, and I've been wearing it whenever I'm out since then. They're definitely my current favorite. ;)
  • Another OOTD. ;)
  • Didn't have much sleep that day... So yeah, I was clearly in my "zombie mode" as indicated on my caption. ;)


  • A selfie while I ran errands. ;)

  • Caption: "Waiting..."

  • Caption: "Going the extra mile today with these... If they don't kill my feet, that is. :)) #sotd"

  • Caption: "#sotd" 

   Enjoy your Friday night and the weekend ahead!!! ;)

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