Music Monday!!

   I found myself watching Gossip Girl again last July, and I absolutely forgot how much I actually loved the show. Well.. Okay, I didn't exactly forget, but it was nice to be reminded how much the show became a part of my adolescent life and how I was absolutely in love and obsessed with it! And of course, seeing my favorite characters, Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey, all over again was truly awesome. ;)
   So... When I was watching season 1, and I got to episode 12: "School Lies," where they partied at Constance Billard's swimming pool after school hours, I heard this song that I actually never had and didn't notice while I was watching it around seven years ago - OMG! It's already been eight years, since season 1?! (I was a few months late since I started watching. I think that was early 2008.) Apparently though, when I heard it while I was watching the show again, I immediately knew that I had to know what the song was. And I found out that it was "Ooh Yeah" by Moby, in which I've also used on my mini how-to-slash-review video for Fashion Friday!! Of course, you probably already know this if you've managed to actually listen to all of them when I gave the list of the songs I used...
   But either way, it's too good to not be on today's Music Monday!!
   How's the start of your September so far? ;)

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