Music Monday!!

   And here we are again, starting another week! ;)
   Now, I don't usually listen to rap, but there are times when I actually like listening to old hiphop songs that I loved during my childhood and early adolescent years. And so, apparently, since my current playlist still has Iggy Azalea songs from her debut album, I was definitely ecstatic when I discovered another song a few weeks ago. No... It's not another Iggy Azalea song, but it's from an artist named Courtlend.
   He might sound familiar to you if you're following Kylie Jenner on Instagram because he just made a song about her. It shouldn't come as a surprise then, that the song's called "Kylie Jenner" and how much of a bad chick she is. It isn't a surprise either that I'm here telling you now, how much I absolutely looove and couldn't get enough of it!! I do looove Kylie, and this song is just perfect for her! So yes, check it out below and "holla" at Courtlend while you're at it! ;)

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