Music Monday!!

   And we've finally come to the last Music Monday!! of September! I'd actually say that I remember the first one of the month, but I actually don't. Haha! Yeah, you could say "nice try" but apparently, I only failed. Don't worry though, I'll look into it so that I'd remember...
   For now though, let me post Charli XCX's song that you've probably been hearing around already called "Break The Rules." It's the second single from her upcoming and third album, "Sucker" which will be released on December. And can I just express how much I looove her? If you remember, I actually posted my favorite song from her second album last year, which was "Stay Away." It's actually one of my all-time favorites. I mean, for a song that I was LSS-ing (having Last Song Syndrome) on for weeks, that was bound to happen right? So you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when she released "Superlove" and wrote "Fancy" (which I've also posted last March) with Iggy Azalea, right? Not to mention, when she also wrote a song for The Fault In Our Stars - in which, I haven't seen or read yet, but whatever. I just love her song. Haha!
   So since it is a Monday, I do hope that you take some time off to break some rules with Charli XCX. Yes, the pun was indeed, intended. ;P

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