Music Monday!!

   So... How was your September so far? Somehow, the first was quite eventful. Nothing too crazy, in fact it was a bit mundane, but I didn't really expect for me to be very busy the past week. Either way, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I hope you guys did, too, even if it was a bit hectic... ;)
   And if your Monday today started that way, how about we listen to some good music preferably from Foster The People's latest album, "Supermodel"? Now, I've always been a fan of Foster The People ever since their debut single came out which was - as you already know - "Pumped Up Kicks." In fact, that song has been included on my all-time favorites playlist with two other favorites from their first album, which were "Houdini," and "Helena Beat."
   Now though, I've got two favorites from the current album. The first one below is called "Are You What You Wanna Be?" and the second is "Coming Of Age." And you can listen in on them right now! ;)

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