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   I couldn't think of a better title, so there... Haha!
   Alright, so it's that time of the year again when my favorite event (other than Christmas and the New Year) finally arrived. Apparently, I should've blogged about this earlier this week, but here I am, taking the time - since this is the only time for me to - to finally post about my Book Fair experience. :) So last September 20, I went to the 35th Manila International Book Fair with Denise and Johnrey. It was their first time to actually attend, so I figured that I should take them along with me, considering the fact that my best friend, Dane, had been oh so busy lately, so yeah... I couldn't pass up on the chance to not go, because apparently, it's a tradition now. And it's simply a must!
   We were actually supposed to go there on a Friday, but there was this storm and it rained really hard that the streets were flooded. We couldn't risk getting stranded, so we moved it on the next day. Fortunately, it was only a gloomy day and it didn't even rain at all! So thank God for that! And clearly, it was a go, so as planned, we left at ten in the morning, took a cab to SMX - because we couldn't risk the heavy traffic down by NAIA - and got there around ten forty five. As always, I was more than prepared to be there, that I got a list of the books that I was looking for, but my hopes weren't set too high this time. I knew that the books from Anna Godbersen and Jillian Larkin that I've been looking for for ages, might not be there. They're pretty damn hard to find, in which, I've realized was because they're YA Historical Fiction. And apparently, they're not exactly on par (although I don't exactly agree, they're great authors too) with the best selling books like from John Green, or Rainbow Rowell, or David Levithan. Basically, books from those authors can be found there, in fact, they come in great masses, than the books that I have been looking for.

Denise, Me and Johnrey ;)

   So, when we entered, this time using FullyBooked tickets that I took when we dropped by there at Greenbelt the week before, the National Bookstore section was right there in front of us. But of course, we chose to go to FullyBooked's section first, where we hovered around to look for the books we were looking for. I wasn't surprised to learn (with the help of the customer service) that none of the books on my list were actually there. I know! It's the Book Fair, for God's sake! You'd think that you can find anything and everything there, huh? But nope. As I've already mentioned, and now that I've thought about it, most of the books that were on my list were all YA Historical Fiction...
   Oops. ;P

   But yeah, even Denise didn't find what she was looking for. I think she was looking for "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman, that was now turned into a major motion picture where Chloë Grace Moretz starred in. This time, however, it was already sold out. That was when we finally decided to hover over back to the National Bookstore section. We spent some time there, walking by shelves, skimming and scanning for titles that might catch our eyes... But I guess that was just me. Denise was set on finding the book she was looking for, as Johnrey just followed me around while we talked about those books that somehow caught our interests. Plus, I kept seeing "Everyday" by David Levithan (which was one of Dane's favorite authors), and "Anna And The French Kiss" by Stephanie Perkins - and the like. So, it wasn't until we finally headed over to the Customer Service to search for the books on our lists yet again. It wasn't actually a surprise that we didn't find the books that we were looking for again. And Denise's was sold out, apparently.

Johnrey took a candid shot of me, shuffling through books. lol :)
   Fortunately though, as always, there was this little section at the National Bookstore labelled as bargain. That was where I took the time to shuffle for books and see whether there was anything that piqued my interests. And there were two books that did! First was Eloisa James' "When The Duke Returns," which only cost fifty bucks, and the second was F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," which cost a hundred bucks. And although the cover was based on the major motion picture that I haven't even watched by the way (don't judge me, but I just don't exactly like the feel of the whole 1920's movie that's colored, but oh well), I'll take it for a hundred bucks. As much as possible, I'd like the cover to be the original, and not the ones that were based on a show or a movie or something, but whatever. ;P I bought the two, because who could possibly refuse, right?
    I've been meaning to read F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Beautiful And The Damned" when I was thirteen years old, but I never got around to do it. And recently, I even purchased another one of his works, which is "Tender Is The Night," which I might read soon. But I actually think that reading "The Great Gatsby" first would be better, because "Tender Is The Night" was his last novel. Onto Eloisa James, however, she's a bestselling romance author, and I purchased her book called "Desperate Duchesses" when I fifteen. Of course, I shouldn't have even been allowed to read that, considering the fact that it was a romance book, but it's actually one of my favorites - not because of the explicit scenes, mind you (although, I assure you that this isn't something like Fifty Shades of Grey) - but because when you actually take those scenes off, it made a beautiful love story. My favorite character in the book was the Earl of Gryffyn, Damon Reeve. He made me giggle and swoon all at the same time. Plus, he's got the same name as Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, so clearly that was a major bonus! Not to mention, he did remind me of him too! I was definitely happy to purchase yet another book from her, that's also a part of the "Desperate Duchesses" arc. Hopefully, this'll be as good as the first book, They're not exactly a series, because they can all stand alone, by the way. And the time setting was in 1783, and I absolutely love those kinds of books. ;)
    So yes, after that, we went around to take it all in, before we headed out for lunch. But first, we saw this freedom wall, and I immediately told them that we should take photos there. And we did! After that, we headed out for lunch at Mexicali, because Johnrey and I had been craving for some burritos. And since, majority wins, that was where we ate! :)

Lunch time!! :) 
   After lunch, Denise had to head home, and Johnrey and I stayed to roam around Mall Of Asia. We visited different boutiques to look around, because he was searching for a good pair of pants. He ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from Forever 21 instead. Haha! But either way, it was fun, and we only lasted there for only a few hours since I had to go to a mass. Before we left though, I had to make sure that Johnrey had some of my favorite crepe from Crepes And Creams, which tasted like heaven... Of course, figuratively. But I assure you, it's that damn good!
   See how I used Triple H's catch phrase there? :>

Johnrey and I were waiting... He took another candid shot. Haha!
Extra tickets that I took at FullyBooked! Every year, I always have a few to serve as souvenirs! ;)

   We left around three thirty, and we were home by four forty five. So yes, I absolutely had a great time - as always - at the Book Fair! And apparently, I seriously have to consider ordering the books that I've been looking for, when I'm no longer broke. Hopefully, that'll be soon. I'm dying to know how both of those trilogies will end. I mean, come on! It's been nearly three or even four years already! I just need to have them...
   Oh and thank you my dear friends, Denise and Johnrey, for coming with me to join me. I hope you guys had fun on your first times to go to the Book Fair! And I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Did you happen to go to the Book Fair too? Perhaps I can leave a little tip, because apparently, the other reason why Denise didn't find that book she was looking for, was because we went there on the day before the last day of the Book Fair. If you're gonna go, definitely go there on the first, or as I've been doing for the past couple of years, go there on the second day - not much people, more books, happier you. ;)
   So yeah, hope you're having a great Sunday! ;)

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