Music Monday!!

  First for October!!
  How weird is it thinking that Christmas is only two months away? And then the next thing we'll ever know is that it's time for the New Year too! It's crazy how time flies, I know! But yeah, I'm not gonna freak out on that.. At least, not here, because what I am here to do is bring you good music to spruce up your already hectic Monday!
   Now, if you've been following this blog, you might remember that I blogged about the Band of Skulls last summer of 2013, where I've combined all of my favorites from their debut and second albums. So apparently, when they've released their third album, "Himalayan" last March, I was bound to blog about it for Music Monday!! And as you've already predicted, my favorites from the album are on a playlist below. I must say that my top one from the album is "I Guess I Know You Fairly Well," because I loved the tune and the lyrics, and it's just amazing!
   You really have to check it out!! ;)

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