Music Monday!!

   And it's another Music Monday!!
   I've decided to put the album covers or the band's photos here on every post, just so it'll look better on my home page. I get a little confused at times, wondering which artist was on some specific Music Monday, so yeah... Either way, it does look better doesn't it?
   Methinks so too. ;)
   So I've chosen two of Wet's songs today called "Dreams" and "You're The Best." They're from New York, and they're one of my many favorites that are on my current playlist at the moment. I seriously just couldn't get enough of them! The chill vibe of their songs makes you want to lay in the grass and let the sunshine graze your skin as you watch the clouds up in the sky. Or walk down the beach as you hear the waves of the ocean hit the shore while your feet got wet and made them dig deeper into the sand. Perhaps that was why they named their band WET. Not only because of that of course, but the vocals are silky smooth and it makes you want to listen to them all day!
   They released their EP of the same name a year ago, and they just released a music video of their song "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" (watch the video below) a few days ago. And y'know what? The video really did convey what I just described earlier. If you listen to them, it does seem a bit tempting to do that - a form of escape from the throes (sort of) of daily urban life. ;)

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