Music Monday!!

   I know... I know. I wasn't around last week, and I actually forgot to make a scheduled post. And for that, I do apologize. There has been so much stuff that I had to do in the past week, but I'm here now to deliver some songs that are on my current playlist, so yeah... ;)
   For this week, I finally have the chance to post my favorites from Portugal. The Man. Apparently, I do post songs on my playlist in the order of when I've included them. So yes, I had to wait it out and I've been so excited ever since. But now the wait is over! Portugal. The Man is a band from Alaska and they released their latest album called "Evil Friends" just last year. I know... It took me long enough to discover them, but I'm glad that I did. I think I was going through 8tracks when I suddenly stumbled upon them, and I fell in love ever since!
   Below are two of my main favorites from the album, the first one's called "Creep In A T-shirt" because that was the song that I first heard from them, and second would be, "Purple Yellow Red And Blue." I've also included Passion Pit's remix of the song too, because it's also another of my favorites! I am sure that this'll bring you good vibes for your hectic Monday, because they're all too catchy to simply be ignored.
   Go on... Have at it. ;)

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