Celebratory 501st Post


   How surreal is it that today's Music Monday marks as my 500th post here on the blog?!
Yup. It's definitely crazy, considering the fact that I actually did not expect that I would get to achieve that many posts. But of course, by January, it'll mark down that this blog has been running for three years now, so I guess that was actually inevitable. I am glad though, that in my mundane days of blogging, I am still able to make at least up to five hundred - and of course, five hundred and one for this post. :)
   I know I haven't been rather active lately with my personal posts and all, and I do suppose that this might be the perfect time to let you in on things about what has been happening to me. But the thing is, again, it's been quite uneventful and the same. Although, regarding my previous personal post, I am glad to tell you that I took the plunge. I finally let myself out there and tried my luck. It went pretty well, actually. It was better than I expected even. But another inevitable happened when an opportunity knocked down towards my mother's door and I had to decline mine because if we were to pursue that opportunity from hers, I would need time to help her since that was what she lacked. After all, she does work most of the time. So yes... Still no job. But I was proud of myself nonetheless, because after all the doubting of my abilities that you have witnessed from my posts last year, I now realized that I actually may have a shot, and that my abilities were not too lost just yet. They were still here, beneath my cool and nonchalant exterior, waiting to come out with my efforts to. Though, as much as I would like to tell you what was that thing that was so important that I had to help my mother and I had to decline another interview, I'm afraid I simply cannot... At least, not yet. When the time is right and when it's becoming more real than ever, then I will tell you. Don't worry... ;)
   As for my writing, you've probably noticed that I actually took a few weeks off from my Fan Fiction. Though, I have been writing a special flashback chapter that I might post this week. I was supposed to post it last week, but I was actually having a hard time writing it because of the time setting, which was in eleventh century England. So you can only imagine how much research I had to go through for that. After all, I wanted to get to visualize it and be able to see Elizabeth - my main character, as you've already known - during that time. I wanted to show you guys how she was a few decades after she was turned into a vampire, and how different she was then than the one you know of her now. And God, she was definitely and absolutely different then, I tell you! So you really do have to stay tuned for that! I think I might do it in two parts, because it'll take me more than twenty pages if I put it all into one.
   For my reading though, I am glad to tell you that I've already read the books that I bought from the 35th Manila International Book Fair. In fact, earlier today, I just finished reading "The Great Gatsby" which left me wishing to have this ability to write like F. Scott Fitzgerald. Prose-wise, of course. I did like the plot of the story, but I wasn't exactly too crazy about the characters, who were absolutely flawed in their own way, that it was Fitzgerald's prose that saved the story... At least, for me. Though, I did love Gatsby and Nick, but for the others like Tom and Daisy Buchanan, I have only grown to dislike them even more so than I already did. And I actually loved how Fitzgerald made Gatsby the hero in the end. I mean, yes, Gatsby was ambitious, self-made with a past that made him slightly pretentious, and he was wrong in those terms, yes, but the ending made him the ultimate protagonist. As for Eloisa James' "When The Duke Returns," it won't come as a surprise that I absolutely loved the book, to the point that I couldn't possibly put it down! T'was great! The characters were so distinct from each other that I absolutely admired Eloisa James' brilliance even more for it! I highly recommend for you to read the Desperate Duchesses arc. I am actually considering to buy the second book and the third book, too. It's that good! ;)
   Anyway, I cannot believe that November's ending and that December will finally fall upon our shoulders. I'm not doing much these past few weeks, although, I only consider it as "the calm before the storm" before the Christmas season begins, wherein I'll be running about, I'm sure! I've got my wishlist ready - since I wasn't able to post one last year because that was how busy I was, that I forgot - and I'll be posting it soon!
   I do hope that you guys have a great week ahead! Oh and Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it! ;)

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