Fashion Friday!! - OVERSIZED TEE

    For some reason, oversized T-shirts held a certain appeal to me recently. Perhaps because I found it exciting and quite liberating to actually know that I can pull this look off - that has been so different to my previous style. Not to mention, they're awfully comfy and easier to move around with! And I am actually happy to tell you that my style has evolved so much this year that if my previous-years-ago self saw me, she would've probably be so surprised. Yet, the evolution really has been for the better. After all, I did manage to achieve the looks that I have always wanted. So yes, it's been a long way, but oversized tees are definitely not one to be missed!
    Plus, I am also sure that my previous-years-ago self would never would have considered wearing these plain v-neck and crew neck tees that are from the Men's Department of Forever 21! I would've found it unconventionally unappealing! But not my current self... Not at all. ;)
   See what my style has come to evolved to? ;)

*Photo cred: Johnrey Almonte* ;) 

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