Music Monday!!

   And hello November!!
   How's it going so far? Mine's got a bit of a slow start, but I'm sure it'll pick up its pace right around next week or something. There will be a lot of preparations for Christmas, that I'm sure. And I don't exactly know whether I'm ready for all of that craziness ahead of me yet, but it's fine... I'll face it head on, and besides, it'll be fun and amazing! So I really do hope that you guys are having a marvelous time, especially now that I'm here to give you some good tunes to start your week! ;)
   So a few months ago - I don't exactly remember when exactly - I stumbled upon this amazing Kiwi sibling duo, Broods. The first song I actually heard of them was their then latest single called, "Mother & Father." And man, was I sooo in love with it that I knew I had to have their album. But the thing was, they didn't have their album out that time yet, so they only had their namesake EP. By that time, I also wanted to check them out, because of course, I wanted to know a few facts about them if I was going to listen to them, y'know? Aside from knowing that they're from New Zealand, I also discovered that they're Lorde's favorite band, and she's definitely supporting them too. Not only was I ecstatic of that information, but I was also ecstatic about their songs that I absolutely loved their other song "Bridges."
   And now, just last August, they finally released their debut album "Evergreen," and of course, I was excited about that! So below, as always, I've managed to combine my top five favorites from the album. I got the others from Youtube because apparently, they're not on Soundcloud yet, so yeah. I do hope that you enjoy them, and do check their album out! ;)

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