Music Monday!!

   A few months ago, I have posted about JUNGLE's then-single, "Busy Earnin'" and how much I absolutely loved it! But now, apparently, since they released their debut album of their namesake last July, you can only imagine how I ecstatic I was! I mean, I've been looking forward to it since I've stumbled upon them, and now that I have the album, I am more than happy to share with you some of my favorites from there. ;)
   JUNGLE is a band from London. And of course, one of the may things that I love about them is their 70's funk vibe that their genre is considered to be modern soul. It's just so refreshing to hear that kind of vibe in this modern generation, and I do have a place in my heart for anything that's periodical in a way. And that's why I sometimes think that I'm born in the wrong era. I'm just too in love with anything retro and vintage and anything that has some history - or so at least, something that resembles anything from a certain decade-slash-era. And if you do share the same sentiments as I do, then I do think that you'll love them as well. Or y'know, because they're that amazing, you'll just love them anyway!
   So below, I've managed - as always - to compile my favorites from the album. I've excluded "Busy Earnin'" because I've already featured that song on a previous Music Monday, as you already know. And you can get their album JUNGLE, on iTunes! Enjoy! ;)

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