Music Monday!!

   You might not know this, but I've always been a fan of The Killers. I must say though, that my favorite album from them would definitely be "Hot Fuss" where their debut single, as you already know, "Mr. Brightside" was included. And since late last year of 2013, they celebrated a decade together as a band, I've decided to share my favorites from them for today's Music Monday!! ;)
   Unfortunately though, I only discovered their latest songs a few months ago. So yeah, I am a bit late on the whole celebrating thing, but still, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't, considering the fact that "Shot At The Night" and "Just Another Girl" is still on my current playlist, which are added to my all-time favorites because I am absolutely in love with them. And as you know, they've released a greatest hits compilation called "Direct Hits" last November 2013, and those two new songs were included there. So, of course, I was definitely ecstatic when I heard that they had new singles out! 
   First though, I'd like to share with you - as I've already said earlier - my favorites from their previous albums. I think that this is the perfect time to, and so that's just what I'm going to do! I'm going to do it in chronological order, however. So yes, if you do enjoy listening to The Killers, or if you haven't (in which, this is the time where I tell you that you have not lived!), definitely check them out below and reminisce with me! 
   Oh and have a happy Music Monday! ;) 

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