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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventures of J & M

   As I promised, I said that I was going to post this little adventure I had with my dear friend, Johnrey, and so I've managed to allot some time to do so. :) But of course, I bet you're probably wondering why my title is just that, other than it's literal meaning. And the thing is, there is a backstory on why I put that as the title for this post.
   You see, Johnrey and I only met just last July 2013. We met through my mother, whom he met first, and she knew then and there that we would be great friends other than our love for music and Lady Gaga. My mother gushed about him, and she absolutely wanted me to meet him. Yet, since I'm not exactly the friendliest person, I wasn't too ecstatic about it. Until the moment came, and I started to like him. Then of course, we started hanging out and that led to the moment of January earlier this year, when we decided to go out and hang. That was when we took photos, and he uploaded them on Facebook where we agreed that the album would be named just that - "Adventures of J & M" - where he came up with the description, "Fashion. Food. And Finery - Our Culture." ;P
   And so, that title was born!
   You see, he didn't grow up here in our country, and so he hadn't been to some places that I've always loved. And so, I made it a mission to get him there and try out stuff such as food and fashion. When we're not out, however, usually we're just here at home where we watch Gossip Girl, or a movie, or even Chris D'Elia because we absolutely love him. ;)
   So yeah, this post is dedicated to our latest and last adventure for the year of 2014. I had the whole day planned even a week before, because we decided to go out to Makati - our favorite place, by the way - for the Black Friday sale, which was last November 28. A few days before the day arrived, I told him that I was bringing him to Bonifacio High Street, where my favorite branch of Fully Booked was situated, because I did make a promise to him a few months earlier that I was going to bring him there. He hadn't been there before, and I knew that he'll looove it, so I also knew that it was the perfect time to bring him. But what he didn't know was that I had another destination planned for us to go to that day, and it was another one of my favorites - at least for the holidays, since it wouldn't be complete if I didn't go. I'll drop a hint: it's tradition.
   When the day finally arrived, we left before lunch and we immediately headed to Makati. We had lunch there, and afterwards, we immediately went to Bonifacio High Street or BGC as they call it nowadays. ;P We actually took the bus that headed there from Makati, and it took us around fifteen minutes before we got there because of the slightly heavy traffic. Yet, we were both ecstatic when we arrived... So ecstatic that we immediately got into taking photos. ;)

    I was ecstatic when we got to Fully Booked! It was my heaven - my most favorite place in the world even if I haven't been anywhere else, lol! Still... We went around a bit, shuffling through books and showing him around. There was a sale then, too, so I we managed to find me a book that was interesting enough for me to buy. :) Afterwards, we stayed around for a bit, going around and taking more photos before we finally hailed a cab to get ourselves back to Glorietta in Makati. 

Art wall at Fully Booked. :)

    We went around for a while, visiting the new H&M store at SM since that day was their Grand Opening, and a few more boutiques after that before we decided to finally have dinner. All the walking made us starve, plus we were exhausted, so it was great then for us to energize since where I was going to bring him next would require a long walk again! Haha! I told him to prepare for that day anyway, since I knew that we were going to go on an adventure! While we were eating though, he was trying to figure out where I was going to take him, but I didn't divulge. I wanted to surprise him, and I was determined to do just that even if it wasn't much. 
   So after dinner, we left around seven thirty, which was the perfect time to. And that when I began to guide him there. No, he wasn't blindfolded or anything of the sort, since I couldn't possibly do just that, otherwise he'll trip and fall because of how long a walk it was. But, he just went along with me, wondering where the hell I was bringing him, and I must say that that was entertaining and amusing even. He probably thought that I was ridiculous for not telling him, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. When we got to our final destination for our little adventure that day to end our adventures for the year, the show hadn't begun yet. And I know, you must be a bit curious too, or may or may not have a clue about where I took him, but you'll know soon enough. 
   I checked the time, and it was still five minutes before it'll start. Of course, I couldn't keep this from him now that he saw the lights hanging from the trees, so I should not delay you any longer either. ;) I took him to the Ayala Triangle Symphony Lights Show! 

The utterly festive ceiling of Rustan's taken while our walk towards Ayala Triangle ;)
The show has begun!
S'just magical... :)
   I took a video of the show itself, but I didn't upload it, oh well... Still, when the show begun and I was taking the video, he was quietly watching, in awe and feeling fuzzy with the holiday vibes. There's always something about being under such lights with some Christmas music playing that makes one feel all warm inside, as if our hearts just burst with joy. We continued watching until the round was over, and the next won't start until twenty minutes after, so you know what that means...
   Pictures!! ;P

The monopod I brought came in handy... :)

   We sat down on the grass while waiting for the next round of the show. We were tired from the walking and rushing, plus with our heels as well, so yeah. Above, those were the boots I wore that day (My outfit post was posted on the previous Fashion Friday!!). They were absolutely heavy, and wearing them felt like a leg workout in itself that my legs were sore for the next few days! T'was awesome! :)) But I'm glad though that I wasn't the only one! Johnrey's feet were dead for wearing his wedges all day too! Needless to say, some cardio was good! ;)

    We took more photos after the next show that we watched before we finally decided to call it a night. That was when we headed back to Glorietta since that was where we're going to find a ride home, which was the shuttle. But before we did, we decided to grab some quick refreshments and finally went home. Around ten in the evening, we arrived home, tired but very very happy of our last hurrah for the year! It truly was awesome, and that day was even more special with him! I'm also glad that we were able to see the show twice, because my Christmas will not be complete without going there! Like I've said before, it's tradition!! We both had an amazing time, as always! 
   Thank you, Johnrey, for making my year colorful and fun! I am absolutely grateful to have gained a friend like you, and I definitely cannot wait for us to bond and go on more adventures together!! HOLLAAAAA!!! HUZZAH!!! ;) *Three snaps* ;P
   And to everyone, happy happy holidays!! I hope you all enjoy and have an awesome time with your loved ones!! 

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