Bonne Année! 2015

    And this finally concludes the year 2014! As always, time flies so fast that we hardly even notice it! Yet, how come every December, it all becomes a big blur, right? Yeah, the holidays could do that to you, even if there weren't any booze involved, I am sure. Still, I just happened to read my 2014 New Year post and I must say that what I actually learned from all of my emotional spirals from the past few years, I took them along very well this year, just as I have mentioned on it there!
    This year had been truly amazing. I am absolutely glad about how it all turned out! And if I could go back, I seriously wouldn't change a single thing! I feel absolutely grateful and blessed because I've never been happier. I mean, yes, there were still a few times where I freak out, but that's only natural for any human being. To be afraid of the unknown or the uncertainty comes to anyone at any point in their lives, and to worry of the outcome as well. I've learned a great deal of things about myself, pushed myself to change for the better, and of course, to continue to grow and to improve along with the people I love. Needless to say, this year had been one that is filled with memories, realizations, adventures, and fun, that I cannot help but continue to be grateful for!
   It had also been a year filled with great opportunities. Most of them worked out pretty well but only for a short matter of time, only for me to find out that they were meant for a temporary cause to make way for a bigger and better opportunity. And I must say that I do have to continue to emphasize this every year, that if one thing is meant for you, then it really is! Like I've said before, if it clicks, it clicks! Do not push for things that aren't meant for you, or for the ones that are out of your control. It'll all fall rightly into place if you have enough trust in God or even the universe! I guarantee that He'll never fail you. :)
    And finally, I want to thank my family and my dearest friends (who I also consider as my second and third families), for their everlasting love and support, for never failing to drive me insane with joy and happiness and lots of laughter, for the good and the bad times, and for always being there for me. And of course, thank you my dear readers, as always, for continuing to read and supporting my blog! The blog anniversary will be in eight days! Can you imagine how ecstatic I am to actually say that this blog has been going on for three years already? :D And not to mention, my The Vampire Diaries Fan Fictions - The Revelation and The Tryst (and the others); I want to thank all of my readers who have and continued to support them all the way! It's been going on for almost four years now, and I seriously wouldn't have done them without you! I haven't written anything yet since I've been busy with the holidays and all, but perhaps after, I'll starting getting into it again for the next chapter. So I do hope that you all stay tuned for that!
   Anyway, it has been another fruitful year again, mes amies! For now though, I shall leave you, wishing everyone a joyous and wonderful New Year, filled with warm delight, well wishes, and ear-to-ear smiles! Let us toast to more love, happiness, the best, and blessings!

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