Christmas Wishlist 2014

   As intended, I have finally managed to post a wishlist at least before Christmas even arrives. I wasn't able to post one last year, but oh well... At least I'm here now. And as always, I like to keep my wishlist simple. After all, Christmas is the time to spend with our family and the best of friends, to be grateful for all the blessings we have received and to continue to receive, and most importantly to celebrate Christ Jesus' birth. :)
   I cannot wait to read your wishlists for the holidays, too!
   For now though, let's start off with:

1. Spend time with family and have a great time whilst stuffing our faces with food :D

2. Spend time with friends at least before Christmas arrives and have an awesome time. :)

3. Bond with the choir :)

4. Get to bake...

5. A new pair of boots... Because one can never have too many. ;P And preferably these pair from Stradivarius that I have been in love with for months now. (Mom, pls? Haha ;P)

6. Damon Salvatore's Lapis Lazuli ring (I'll put it on a chain as a necklace so that Damon will be closer to my heart ♥ ;) --- whuuut? :)) Cheesy) 

7. The Lucky Ones by Anna Godbersen in Paperback
(This has been in my wishlist for two years already, and I still haven't found it for almost three years now!! Ugh) 

8. Diva (The Flappers #3) by Jillian Larkin in paperback
(And... Apparently, I still couldn't find this either. ;( ) 

9. Cash (which is a given because I'm broke) ;P

   And that ends my wishlist! Nothing much, really... But yeah, I also wish that the holidays would go really well, and that it'll be an awesome one. If I don't get some of the things here on the list, it's fine, and if I do get more than this, I'd be absolutely grateful. I hope you guys have fun while preparing for the holidays! Remember to be warm, if you are in a place where there will be a White Christmas, and yeah, like I've said, I'd love to read your wishlists too!! 

*Photos from #1, #6, #7, #8, #9, are from Google, #5 is from Stradivarius

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