This isn't exactly the last Fashion Friday for the year, but it does seem like it. I'm currently trying to decide whether I should post another one next week when most of you are on your vacations or probably staying at home. Still... Perhaps I might. ;)
    So... Now, I've made another mini how-to-slash-review video of these lip liners that I bought a few weeks ago from NICHIDO. If you've been following this blog, you would've known that I absolutely love their liquid eyeliner which I've been using for years, and that I made a review about it here. So yeah, check that out. But moving onto the lip liners, I definitely think that this is absolutely appropriate for the holidays if you do want to sport that red lip holiday look, or the dark lip for fall/winter. It seems quite a surprise, even for me, to even buy lip liners because I have never even used one before Johnrey introduced them to me. I actually felt like I didn't need them since I was pretty much satisfied with just a swipe of a lipstick and I was already ready to go! But then, since Johnrey and I absolutely looove Kylie Jenner, he got curious and decided to try it. That was when he found a nude-pink, sort of mauve-y lip liner shade from NICHIDO, and it's called, "Rosette." If you've been following me on Instagram, you would've seen a photo of him trying the overdrawn, full lips, kind of look, on me.
   And apparently, I ended up loving it!! So much, by the way, that when I had the chance, I bought three more shades - 1) Rose Berry, 2) Spice, and 3) Coral Rust. And the thing is, the lip liners are incredibly inexpensive! They cost about a hundred bucks ($2USD - 100PHP), and they have a great quality that they're long lasting. And of course, the other reason why I looove them is because they're matte. ;)
   So in the video, I'm doing a developing look again wherein I show you how to line your lips - which is very easy, by the way! - and we go onto overdrawing just a tad bit if you do want to try that Kylie Jenner look! I also gave a few tips here and there for you to have that perfect full lips. ;) Oh and I do apologize in advance for my word vomits - or tongue-twisters (for some reason, I kept getting "lip liner" and "liquid eyeliner" mixed up, lol ;P), and how my voice sounded weird there. I shot this video late at night, and basically that's how my voice turns out during those hours (lol). And yeah, I wasn't able to fast forward some scenes because I kept talking in between them. Apparently, my video editing skills haven't gotten a way around those types of problems just yet!
   Nevertheless, I do hope that you guys enjoy the video and this post!
   Oh and Happy Holidays!! ;)



L-R: Coral Rust, Spice, Rose Berry



  • Great Quality
  • Elegant and simple packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • Colors are vivid
  • Matte
  • Easy to work with to achieve desired look
  • Inexpensive
  • May leave or cause lips to dry but still manageable


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