Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   You do know what they say... You can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble, and I do consider that to be true. So when Johnrey and I had a chance to go out last Black Friday, somehow we both turned up in black ensembles as our outfits for the day - which was actually quite appropriate for the day, lol. ;P It was a total coincidence though, because we didn't even talk about it! Apparently, it shows how much we absolutely love that color - if it is considered to be a color, since some say that it isn't, but then again, I do kind of disagree on that. So yeah, if in doubt, do wear black. Or, y'know, just wear it if you want to, whatever. That has to be one of our mottoes...
   Probably. ;P
   As for those boots, though, they were the heaviest thing ever! Walking in them all day felt like a leg workout in itself. My legs were sore for the next few days, but it still felt amazing. My mother got them from Forever 21 earlier this year. I think they have a similar style out now from their new collection, so perhaps you can check it out there.
   Also, credits to Johnrey for taking these photos. He's been taking my photos lately, and they always turn out swimmingly! And I always have an amazing time with him, especially during that day when we went on a little adventure - which will be posted soon here on the blog, I assure you. You can also watch the video I posted on Instagram as for my #OOTD that day. ;) So yes, I do hope you guys have a great Friday night, and an awesome weekend ahead. As for me, I'm actually preparing for an exam that I'll be taking tomorrow... What a drag, I know. ;)
   Toodle-oo for now!

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