Music Monday!!

   And it's finally December!!
   How time flies, doesn't it? I still remember telling you that the next thing we'll know is that December will finally fall upon us, and now, that time really has come! It's definitely crazy...
   So anyway... I've always been a fan of Zola Jesus. And if you've been following this blog since its very genesis back in 2012, you'd know by now that I am since I've featured my all-time favorite song from her "In Your Nature," which was from her third album "Conatus," on Music Monday!! Now though, she has released her fifth album, "Taiga" just last October, so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when that happened - as always. ;P
    I ended up liking most of the songs on the album, and there were only two songs that were left out. But either way, it was a great album! I was actually quite surprised at how different it sounded than her other albums, since it had a bit of synthpop with catchy refrains and all. And I absolutely loved it! You know how much I looove synthpop! So yeah, I am sharing my top five favorites from the album below, and do remember to check out the whole album, too! Some of the videos that I've compiled were live though, since it was that difficult to find the official album versions uploaded. Besides, she's amazing live with her raw and haunting voice that I absolutely looove and wish I had... ;)
   You can find "Taiga" on iTunes. ;)
   Have a happy Music Monday and December 1st! ;)

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