Music Monday!!

  Can you believe that Christmas is only a week away? How insane is that, right? It's definitely insane, because the next thing we'll know is that it's already the New Year! But oh well... We still have a week away to prepare. I sure hope that you guys have all the things you need for the holidays!
   Now though, I am posting about The Drums' latest album, "Encyclopedia." It's their third studio album that was released just last September. As always, I will be featuring my favorites from the album, but not just this one, however. You see, I've always been a fan of The Drums ever since their debut single "Forever And Ever, Amen" came out last 2010, and it's actually one of my all-time favorites from their debut album of their namesake. So, since my favorite bands these past few weeks have been releasing their new albums out, it is only appropriate that I also post my favorites from their earlier albums as well, just as you've witnessed these past few Music Mondays! And of course, I am doing it in chronological order with their first album, "The Drums," second, "Portamento," and last but definitely not the least, "Encyclopedia." ;)
   It was actually sad though that I wasn't able to go to Wanderland this summer since The Drums was headlining it! My best friend, Dane, made it though. Still, I missed it, and she said that it was such a blast! Oh well... Let's reminisce and celebrate them for good vibes todaaay! ;)
   You can get their album, "Encyclopedia" on iTunes and selected record stores.
   Most importantly, do enjoy! ;)

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