Music Monday!!

    I'm a bit late today... That's because I've been so busy this past week that I couldn't even squeeze in some time to schedule a post. Until now, that is - although, this isn't a scheduled one. Oh well...
    Now, if you've been following this blog since its very genesis in 2012 (I really like using that phrase, so I'm doing that again, haha ;P), you probably remember that the very first Music Monday post that I did was Wolf Gang's "Midnight Dancers." I absolutely looove that song, and it's actually one of my all-time favorites. Of course, though, it was not the first song that I heard from them. It was actually "Lions In Cages." I think that was their very first song to be out back in 2010, and I heard it on Gossip Girl Season 4. Both of them came from their debut album "Suego Faults," of course. And when I posted about them back in 2012, I am pretty sure that I recall that the only reason why I didn't post my favorites from the album was because, a) I only considered posting one song per post, and b) their songs were still difficult to find around the internet. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for me to do so, and I will include "Midnight Dancers" because it's definitely a must. ;P
   So apparently, when I found out that they released their second album last October - after three years of waiting - I was absolutely ecstatic that it's only appropriate now for me to post my favorites from their latest album, "Alveron," too! I hope you guys love them and that these'll liven up your gloomy and rainy Monday!
   Also, be safe and keep yourselves warm. ;)

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