Fashion Friday!! - INSTALOOK

   And this is the first Fashion Friday for 2015!
   Apparently, I wasn't able to post my INSTALOOKs from my Instagram account during the months of October - December. So now, as you've probably guessed, I'm doing it! It's a bit of a nostalgia really, when I see these photos again, and I do hope that you guys had incredible fashion moments during the year of 2014! ;)
   Happy Fashion Friday! *insert party popper emoji here ;P*


  •  Caption: "#selfie" ;P

  • Caption: "Channeled my inner vampire... ;) #Halloween"

  • An #OOTD for my previous Fashion Friday!! post. ;)

  • Glam moment with Johnrey ;)

  • Another #OOTD for my previous Fashion Friday!! post

  • Midi dresses are loooove. ;)


  • New sunnies from Forever 21 ;)

  •  Caption: "Still raving about my fake nails!!"

  • My #sotd -- I finally got them!!! Huzzah!

    Hope you enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead!! ;) 

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