Music Monday!! - What's new on my playlist?

    Happy Music Monday!!
    As you can see, we're back on "What's new on my playlist?" edition since I managed to finally update my then-rotting playlist just last Wednesday, so yeah, I am absolutely ecstatic. I've also figured that this was the perfect time to finally bring this editiom back after a very long time! It never occured to me that it was too long ago when I last posted for this edition, and I seriously don't know why it took this long, but oh well... :)
   To kick things off, I'd like to start with what I most raved about when I updated it. If you've been following me on Twitter, I think you already have an idea since I've tweeted about them several times after I did. And apparently, Magic Man simply cannot be ignored! I discovered them on Youtube where I found their debut single, "Paris." I got so curious that I clicked it and I was immediately in love! That was when I decided to check their debut album out "Before The Waves" which was released last July! And of course, I discovered my top favorite song from the album titled "Apollo."
   The album brings good vibes and it's definitely perfect for a road trip and a hang out with friends. Perhaps even a party, too! So if you've had a hectic Monday, I definitely think that this'll be the perfect remedy. Check it out below! ;)

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