Music Monday!!

   I seriously nearly forgot to post this, since apparently, this is not a scheduled post. I had a really long day today, jumping from one place to another, but as always... Music Mondays are simply a must! Mondays wouldn't exactly feel complete without it - at least, for me - although, I do hope you feel the same way, too! ;)
    So for today, I've decided to finally post my favorites from the Editors' latest album, "The Weight Of Your Love" that was released last June 2013. Apparently, this has been sitting on my current (rotting) playlist for months now, and I was actually planning to post this before the year ended. But alas, I took that two-week break, right? So yeah... Now, I'm finally doing it.
    You see, they're an English band formed in Stafford, England, and they've been around for a while now but I first discovered them on some 8tracks playlist (I forgot which it was, but yeah ;P), and the first song that I heard was, "Two-Hearted Spider" - which became my favorite, too (but I couldn't find it uploaded anywhere, so I got a live version instead). It was dark and simply too inspiring (Fan Fiction writing-wise) and perfect that I suddenly got curious with this band. I wondered why in the world haven't I heard them before? So I checked out their album, and I ended up loving it! My top favorite, however, was the song called, "Nothing." It's a mellow acoustic track, but the vocalist - Tom Smith's voice was the one that blew me away! I just looove his voice - sooo in love that I listened to this song repeatedly, even now! There was this raw emotion of yearning and resignation due to the unconditional love he felt for the girl, and that was simply inspiring and touching, even.
    So yes, I do hope that you guys enjoy and check out their album on iTunes and selected record stores. ;)
   Have a Happy Music Monday with the feels et al. ;)

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