Page 8 of 365: Third Anniversary (Late Post)


  The New Year has passed by, and that means that another blog anniversary has fallen upon us! It's absolutely surreal that today marks the third anniversary, and you cannot imagine just how ecstatic I am! That's just insane, like seriously! I cannot believe that this blog is going on for three years already!!! Apparently, the exclamation points exclaim just how psyched I am. Although, I am actually in a major #zombiemode at the moment - which isn't a surprise, by the way, but I am actually happy beneath my nonchalant pokerface. This, I assure you. ;P
    Somehow, I'm celebrating today quite differently. If you do call what I did during my previous blog anniversaries as "celebrating," which I did absolutely nothing but write a post. Haha! Anyway, today though, my mum just arrived from her two-week holiday vacation with her high school best friend, so I wouldn't exactly, y'know, do nothing in general today. I really don't know whether I should be bummed out about that or not because I'm still looking for that break that I couldn't seem to catch. Oh well... I'm glad that mother's back and she enjoyed her holiday vacay. *Insert raised hands emoji* ;P
    Now though, as always, I do like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being in this one hell of a ride with me! I seriously do not know how you all got to bear me especially during my neurotic times, but apparently, we powered through all of that crap! I am just so grateful for your ongoing support for this blog, and there are simply no words to express how amazed I am and at how surreal this all is. I am just speechless, which isn't a surprise yet again because I seriously do not know what's left to say. I mean, I started this blog because I thought it'd be fun, and it hasn't stopped being just that ever since! I wanted to write on an outlet where I could pour my heart out and thoughts onto, and somehow I couldn't seem to reach a certain satisfaction with that when I was blogging on Tumblr. Apparently, reblogging was simply too tempting that I've eventually fallen onto the deep end. Thus, my Tumblr account became what it is today! But I could definitely say that choosing Blogger was the best decision I have ever made - blog-wise, of course. It is a matter of preference, by the way, so that depends on you. But yeah, I'm just glad I started this whole thing, considering I never actually thought that I'd end up running this blog for three years!
   YIPPEE!! :D
   Now, as part of our anniversary tradition, it's time for my writing and reading update! So, if you have been following me on Twitter, you would've known that yesterday, I announced that my The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction - The Revelation is now up on Wattpad! Perhaps you aren't surprised that I suddenly decided to post it there, but it actually took me a while before I finally decided to. You see, I got curious about Wattpad, and it actually piqued my interests that I figured that I should post The Revelation there and see how it'll go. It has been a few years since that Fanfic was made, and it's already been finished for a year already, so why not right? So yeah, if you are on Wattpad, don't forget to read it and follow me there, too! As for The Tryst, I haven't written the next chapter yet. My creative juices aren't functioning well, and I knew that that's the other reason why I need the break. Don't worry though, it'll probably come to me just as soon as I recover from all the holiday festivities. ;P
   For my reading, well... The last book that I finished right before the year ended was Emma Chase's fourth and last book to the Tangled arc, "Tied." I was quite sad to know that it was the last book because that meant that I won't be able to read Drew and his amazing, disgusting, hilarious, yet quite insightful point of view ever again. But the thing is, with him you'll never know. Apparently, and as Emma Chase said, he might surprise us with something because that's just how he rolls. And I absolutely looove him as a character. Everyone should definitely read Tangled. Emma Chase is a genius and a brilliant author, and her main character, Drew never fails to crack me up!
   And yeah... That's about it! Happy Anniversary to us and thank you, my dear readers! I just cannot seem to thank you enough! And basically, that's what I'll continue doing every anniversary we'll have! Haha! I'll see you guys next time, and I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a weekend ahead!!
   Let us toast to more blog posts, fun, love, anniversaries, and definitely adventures to come! ;)

P.S. Apparently, this post was made yesterday, but I was actually busy the whole day and today even, that this is a late post. Haha! Sorry guys! Hope you had a great Friday!!

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