Art Fair Philippines 2015 | Part 1

   Last February 7, Saturday, my mother and I were already in Makati when I remembered seeing Rajo Laurel's Instagram post of the Art Fair Philippines 2015 a few days earlier. Since a year ago, I've always wanted to come along and mentioned it to my mother. But then, she didn't want to go, considering when I did, it fell on the weekend which was her rest days, of course. This year however, when I showed her, she suddenly decided for us to go and so we did!
   We actually had a long walk towards The Link Carpark, which was where the Art Fair was held. Once we got there though, I simply didn't care of how exhausting it was, or how my feet hurt, or even how we sort of got lost - all thanks to Google Maps, by the way. It's quite refreshing to be at a real gallery, which was my first time of going other than random art exhibits at field trips, or displays of paraphernalia. So you can obviously guess how ecstatic I was. But see, the other reason my mother wasn't all too excited to go because she had been to too many of these already, considering how she's an artist herself (she's an animator, by the way). I'm glad though, that she came with me to be able to experience this.
   Since it was already the second to the last day of the exhibit (it was held from February 5-8) - and that it was a weekend - people flocked about, curious of the Filipino contemporary art that one does not seem to see or witness everyday. There were art and normal students, who both dressed plainly and fashionably carrying their smart phones, SLR and digital cameras that were dangling around their necks, while inspecting the paintings and the sculptures very closely. Families flocked about either, couples, media people, celebrities and personalities, musicians, art-enthusiasts, people who don't have any idea about art but were curious to see what was all the hullabaloo about, and even the artist themselves were there, too, visiting their designated spots and meeting the people. It's nice to actually see such crowds appreciating art.
   Once we got through registration, we purchased the ticket fee of 150PHP per head, and we were given a map wherein there were numbers that guided us where to look first. Yet, in typical fashion, my mother went straight on, not minding the map whatsoever. I couldn't do anything but follow through. And that was where I bumped into the first masterpiece that I encountered that night.

"Symmetric Across The Origin" by Jason Montinola
   Upon first glance, that glorious ginger mane was what caught my eye. The painting had a warm hued spotlight towards it, and saturated the palette that the artist used even more. It was perfect, really. I stared at it, and I knew then and there that it evoked some mood from me, striking me from the inside. It was true then, that art really was supposed to make you feel something, and this did. The symmetric shape across the face reminded me a bit of a mask, along with it's twisted yet elongated neck, and his eyes set towards the sky. It seemed as though he was on a bind, indicating that he was sad, struggling, yet keeping a nonchalant facade behind that mask. Also, it reminded me of a Renaissance painting. Needless to say, this piece was actually one of my favorites from the Art Fair, and I just couldn't seem to forget it.
   Afterwards, I then continued to go around...

"White" by Marc Aran Reyes
"White" by Marc Aran Reyes

By Filippo Sciascia --- Loved how he chose to paint the silhouettes; simple yet very beautiful.
Wrapped by Lyra Garcellano --- How eerie is this? It looks like a mythical realm from a book. 

"The ending of consciousness, Where nothing is left." By Kim Oliveros -- The details on this piece are just beautiful. The child's innocence with the flowers on the background evokes such serenity and purity...

   It was simply overwhelming to be there, considering the whole vibe and the energy, not just from the art, but also from the people. I've always wanted to get that whole experience, to be surround by it, and now that I had, I had a blast! I'm actually showing you here my favorites pieces, just because I took too many photos of all the different ones exhibited, that I couldn't possibly show you all in just two posts!

By Ronson Culibrina

"Unguarded Moments" by Jonathan Ching

"Casting Figures" by Patricia Perez Eustaquio -- Definitely one of my absolute favorite pieces, and my new favorite artist! I love abstract paintings, and this was just absolutely beautiful. My own personal interpretation of this one is that it somehow indicates angry and mixed emotions or confusion, considering the irregular shapes and the palette she had used. Not to mention, the texture itself - I was definitely amazed with that that I stared at it for a long while...
People going about. I was standing near the lounge... It's quite tiring to go around, yet the adrenaline from the curiosity and excitement would make you disregard that. ;)

    And this ends the first part of my post! Tune in for the second, which will be up tomorrow!! ;)

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