Art Fair Philippines 2015 | Part 2

   And here we are with the second post! I know you might've felt as though it was a tad bit short with the first part, but trust me, because there are more photos coming up! This part though, is actually my very favorite from the whole Art Fair experience, so I really had to save it for another full post. ;)
   So now when I got back to the lounge in search of my mother, who I found sitting on one of the benches there using her phone, I then approached her and saw that she was already drawing on it. She showed it to me and told me that she suddenly gained inspiration being there. Who was I to stop her, considering I know how that feels when writing, right? Anyway, I then hovered to the other side that I realized I haven't been to yet. I wandered for a while, before I decided to get my mother just so we would be able to see everything together.

What I stumbled upon while I was alone... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the names of these artists or the gallery that they were all under. ;( 
Just look at those details! It's creepy yet awesome all at the same time!!

   After roaming around once more, my mother finally joined me and we suddenly stumbled upon 
this section that looked like a small room with red walls, and an optical illusion was projected at the about facing wall. It's definitely hard to miss considering people flocked towards it, probably just as curious as we were. Imagine my surprise however, when we stood by the entrance and I saw this sculpture that was under a glass cover, and was resting on a platter. Upon close-up, I saw an angry rabbit's face that immediately reminded me of Alice In Wonderland! That was when we found Mr. Daniel dela Cruz's "Curiouser & Curiouser" exhibit, that was heavily influenced by Lewis Carroll's book.

Tea party with Alice on the platter? I don't mind. :))

The Mad Hatter, about to serve some tea. 

   The intricate details of these metal sculptures really amazed me. Not only because he chose Alice In Wonderland as the main theme of his exhibit, but to use the material he had used and actually made them look like he did, was beyond puzzling. And my mother, who didn't seemed too interested with the others, perked up all of a sudden. Both of us had one question in our minds: How did he possibly do this? Yet, I was too in awe with his pieces, and I was actually happy to be surrounded by them, it was if the book had come to life. Needless to say, I wanted to take them all home and host a tea party. ;)

A Dodo Bird teapot!!
The detail on the table cloth...
"The Queen of Hearts" by Daniel dela Cruz --- Definitely my favorite piece... It's just stunning!!
Just look at those details!!
The card soldiers!! -- "I thought that it wouldn't be complete without them," Mr. Daniel dela Cruz said.

I really wanted to take those teapots home... If only I could. :))
"I Wonder if I Shall Fall Through the Earth" by Daniel dela Cruz
Captioned this on my IG: "Why yes, Alice! I would like some tea." ;)
   When we were about to leave the booth, my mother and I lingered for a moment considering we wouldn't be able to easily pass through with all the people that have arrived and stood by. That was when we heard someone paying a compliment and said that his works were great. Immediately, I turned around and realized that the artist, Mr. Daniel dela Cruz, himself was standing a few paces behind me. I quickly whispered it to my mother, and she heard it too! I even saw Julius Babao, who I didn't recognize at first but he was looking at me, standing beside Mr. dela Cruz.
   We waited for a while, because I seriously wanted to meet him and have a photo with him because he was such an amazing artist, and my mother wanted too! Then all of a sudden, right after he took a photo with some elderly Japanese guys, who definitely admired his work, and spoke with a couple of his friends, he turned to us and shook our hands. We congratulated him and my mother asked how he possibly did them, and what materials he used. Afterwards, we took a photo with him! :)

   I got a chance to speak with him about the books, both the first, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, and the second, Through The Looking Glass. We talked about the fact that The Queen of Hearts was different than the The Red Queen, considering she was on the second book and they're two different characters. Then we discussed the Jabberwocky, and the fact that the Mad Hatter was the best character in both books! We also agreed that Johnny Depp was perfect to be cast as him! 
   And we also agree with the Cheshire Cat because after all, "We're all mad here." ;) 

"The Chariot" by Trek Valdizno 
   The last piece that I saw was this amazing seventy-two by seventy-two inch, acrylic on canvass, abstract painting that was so striking upon the very first glance. It was by Trek Valdizno, and it was called, "Obeisance To Oberon." I just loved how the red paint blended with the black, white, and yellow. It was definitely a strong palette and the hues were more saturated which was the total opposite from Patricia Eustaquio's "Casting Figures," (which was also my favorite, as you already know ;P) and that was why I loved it even more! I just envisioned this to be an accent piece, hanging at my dream living room or dining room with that cream colored wall and the sunlight radiating through the windows. And there's just something about textures with these paintings that I admire, too! I mean, it's definitely one of my top favorite pieces, that I simply had to let my mother take a photo of me, admiring it for a long while, before we finally began to leave the Art Fair...

"Obeisance to Oberon" by Trek Valdizno
   And that ends my whole Art Fair experience! It was bittersweet, considering I wanted to stay longer, and if I went alone, I would've definitely done so. Yet, it's the people that one is with that makes the whole experience too. And I was just left with such exuberance, I felt like I was momentarily in cloud nine! There is no doubt that next year, I will and have to come back! 
   As should you, because you shouldn't miss it either... ;)
   Our fellow Filipino contemporary artists has got tons to offer, and we should definitely be there to support and celebrate them. :)

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