Music Monday!! - What's New On My Playlist?

   Alright! So we're back on track after my shameless plug post (which if you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should, lol ;P), and I think I may just update my playlist again soon! That means, as you've already probably guessed, there will be more posts for this edition of Music Monday!! ;)
   Now for today's post I chose two of my top favorites from Leighton Meester's album, "Heartstrings," since this can still be considered as a late Valentine's Day post. And if you didn't already know, I've always been a fan of Leighton's music, ever since she released her previous songs "Birthday" - which is one of my all-time favorites, by the way, - and "Body Control." I think these were way before she had that collaboration with Cobra Starship, that you all know, I'm certain, "Good Girls Go Bad." 
    And after years of waiting for her debut album, she finally released Heartstrings last October 28, and I definitely couldn't be any more ecstatic considering how much I love her - not just her music - but as you guys already know, Blair Waldorf was and still is my favorite from the show, Gossip Girl! The whole album is just amazing, since it feels fresh and different from all the kinds of songs out there on the radio at the moment (not that I do know them, but I just do have that feeling that it is, lol). So yeah, I do hope that you enjoy this and love the whole folk vibe going on...
   I know I do! ;)

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