Music Monday!! - What's New On My Playlist?

   I seriously cannot believe that it's the last week of February already!!
   As always, the month hasn't exactly been quite eventful. There is always something about the month of February that leaves me quite frustrated or just quite irritable - probably at life in general, and probably with the pressures of what the year would bring upon me, which is quite idiotic since that should be happening to me during January. I guess not, then...
   Nevertheless, I won't let this spoil my end of the month's Music Monday!! So for today's post, I've decided that it's going to be my favorites from Empires' third album, "Orphan." They're an indie band from Chicago, Illinois, and I discovered their song - that was also released as a single before the album was released - "How Good Does It Feel?" on Youtube while I was somehow going about and listening to different songs one day. Needless to say, I've already fallen in love with them. They're really an amazing band and a bit underrated, too, which is a shame, by the way.
   Their sound does kind of has a retrospective feel from the late '80s - '90s to it, considering that they did site Nirvana and The Pixies as their influences. So yes, they might just remind you of them! And the fact that those are just one of many reasons why I fell in love with them, I definitely think that their songs are perfect for an evening drive out into the city with the gang! I even have six favorites from the album, but unfortunately, the album version of "Shadowfaux" hasn't been uploaded yet - I only found the live acoustic version, which is also amazing, by the way - and the other song with the album's namesake hasn't been uploaded either.
   Though, I do hope that you enjoy them! And if you do, make sure that you get their album on iTunes and on selected record stores, because trust me, you'd definitely want this in your music collection! ;)

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