Music Monday!!

   Hello friends!
   My apologies from my absence last week. Apparently, I got caught up with all the errands and all, that I basically forgot to do a scheduled post, and a regular post in general. But now, I'm here, making this in advance so I wouldn't have to forget again. ;P Now, this may have been rather out of the blue, - just because, it really is, haha! ;P - and you might be wondering whether "What's New On My Playlist" edition is over (in which, I assure you, it is not just yet), but yeah, I figured this post can be considered as something of a "shameless plug." And apparently, I have to breeze you through it first, and so here it goes...
   If you've been following this blog for quite some time now, you would know my good friend, Johnrey. Now, during one of my previous posts where he was included, I did mention about us planning to do a makeup tutorial. But what I forgot to actually mention was with that, we've also planned to do covers. Ever since we met, that was the plan - that we should do some, or even just one - and basically, that didn't happen for like a year and a half later... 
   Until now, of course!! 


    Just last Feb. 01, we suddenly decided to finally do it! And of course, for our first ever song to do a cover on, we chose the acoustic version of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," which is definitely one of our many favorites from her! Also, for our second cover, we decided to do an acoustic version of Broods' "Mother & Father," which is also our favorite! 
    So yeah, for the first time ever here on the blog, I have finally posted a video and let you guys hear me sing! Can you tell how scared I am right now, in this very moment? Yeah, it was worth a shot, but apparently you don't, but I am very, very scared. But of course, in the true spirit of "shameless plugging," on behalf of Johnrey and I, we do seriously hope that you guys love them, and if you do... Don't forget to hit subscribe or comment, or like. Whatever suits you.
   See how shameless that is? Hahaha! ;P

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