Page 42 of 365: Downtime...

 I used to think those people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious posers.
- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex And The City 

    I woke up today with a bitter taste in my mouth.
    One would think that the feelings over the worries you had last night before you slept would somehow be erased - since sleep helped you recover from them, and usually that worked - but for me earlier today, it didn't. And that did kind of suck, y'know? For weeks, it had been such a big blur filled with errands that I had to do, and basically, that kind of sums up how my January went. And so, it didn't come as a surprise that last night, I felt like a Zombie yet again. Every sense of the word that I wrote over there, I felt them again. And perhaps they weren't all that true, and that these were irrational thoughts at some point or another. But as always, I felt this sense of "emptiness" once I realized that the fires of my passion, motivation, and determination were depleting ever so slightly.
    And last night, as my mind fumbled over this concern of mine, I suddenly came upon this video from a monthly horoscope cast (just to point out that I don't necessarily believe them, but I do think that they're quite entertaining in my own strange sense of humor, so I watch them - don't judge me, haha! ;P), that I needed some time for myself and that I do need to be a bit selfish because I haven't exactly been that lately. I know that to be true - which was awesome, because plus points to the whole horoscope thing, lol - and waking up today in a rather bad mood, that detail did come up in my mind. I figured to take that advice and decided to go out by myself, despite the fact that I was too lazy to dress up and actually go somewhere, considering I have always been out doing some errand for whoever lately, but I had to suck it up today for my sanity. Another plus points to that horoscope cast because she pointed out that I have been living like a hermit for a while - which was totally true, by the way! - and that February may be a good month for me (or for us, Cancerians) to get myself out there again and be social.
    So I decided to go to the bookstore, to try and find a good book that was on sale. Yet, I also had a Plan B - which was if I didn't find a good book, I would otherwise, go to the nearest Starbucks and write. Now, that wasn't such a sociable thing to do, but I definitely needed that time for myself, and today was the perfect opportunity to do so. By now, you'd guess that I didn't find a good book, and so I went to Starbucks, ordered my favorite non-caffeinated drink (because I get heart palpitations from caffeine, unless of course, it's decaf ;P), Choco Chip Cream, and a Belgian Waffle with strawberry topping. Afterwards, I began to write wherein I was completely prepared for, given that I brought my personal journal along with me, because I haven't had any inspiration to write the next chapter for my Fan Fiction. I mean, it is halfway done already, but I'm just stuck on this part and since then, I've been having a difficult time to write it. But I also knew that being there was the perfect opportunity for me to get my ideas straight, and I have come to realize that with a pen and a paper, I got to concentrate more than I usually do with using digital gadgets and my desktop.
   Now, I used to agree to that statement Carrie Bradshaw had made when I watched the show. And basically, this was my general point of view on the idea of writing at a coffee shop or at a cafe even before I did, and that was why I never actually considered doing it other than the fact that I wouldn't be able to concentrate with all these people around. Though to some people, apparently, this was the main idea of a coffee shop, and I do respect that. But I always viewed of going to one was to be social, like an afternoon to catch up with friends other than serious meetings that take place over there. Until of course, I finally did it today, and I did actually like it. I guess it wouldn't be the last time that I would consider it because it isn't such an unappealing idea at all!

   So now, I am writing this in an awfully good mood than I had been earlier today. Plus, I also figured - since I was about to tweet these photos on my Twitter account - I should just blog about it then! And why shouldn't I, right? It's experiences like these - no matter how conventional they may actually be - is what makes a good time and a chance to write again! Oh and, since I wasn't able to find a book, I found a really cute notebook that was cheap! If you didn't already know, I do have some kind of fetish for cute notebooks with good quality of paper and accessible at a reasonable price. ;)
   And apparently, now I'm trying to formulate and strategically plan (in bullet-form) my ideas for that specific part of the new chapter of my Fan Fiction. It wouldn't be that difficult to do, until I actually execute them, so I need all the luck I can get and hopefully be able to post it soon! ;)


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