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| 1, 2, 11.) Kylie Jenner | 3,4, 9.) Taylor Tomasi Hill | 5.) Black Leather Bikini | 6. 7.) Saint Laurent A/W 2014 Campaign and fashion show | 8.) Long eyelashed-girl | 10. Ondria Hardin for Chanel A/W 2015 |

   So I haven't done a Fashion Friday post in about two months or so, and I just realized that now! How crazy is that, right? But anyway, I am here to dish about what I am currently obsessing about at the moment. And since summer is upon us, I figured that this cannot be any more perfect of a time to do so!
   As you've seen from above, I did it in a mood board type of fashion. I know it doesn't actually scream "Summer, summer!" but then again, as you've already known, I'm not much of a fan of this season anyway. If only I could dress up in fall outfits all the time, then I'd be one happy lady. But I guess one cannot have everything in life... ;)
   If there is one thing that you would notice above is that I do happen to love everything in monochromatic - except for the fact that the title image I made had some splash of color with those orange and red hues, which was what I actually intended for for it to not to look oh so boring. I just have a different mood when it comes to a blog page, especially on Fashion Friday posts which I just do like to have a bit of color in them. Anyway, as you've known, I've been obsessing on Kylie Jenner for years now, and her style and makeup nowadays cannot be any more on point with my style. Although, hers is more daring than mine will ever be, but it's nice to have a style inspiration while I experiment. Plus, it's because of her and my dear friend, Johnrey, that I began to venture out and try overdrawing my lips, which I've come to absolutely love, by the way. ;)
   Also, I am just super in love with Taylor Tomasi Hill's hair color! I know, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, but the thing is, I didn't actually want to have that saturated red-ginger color until now! Yes, I wanted to dye my hair red - reddish brown - since late 2013 to 2014, but with a dark, slightly inconspicuous hue unless it got hit by direct sunlight. Now, I am totally game on becoming more daring to rock this color, perhaps soon! ;) And of course, I am in love with her fashion style! I love how she could go edgy to feminine to casual, sometimes even all together, so effortlessly! Who wouldn't love her, right?
   Now as you can also see above, I am in love with Saint Laurent's Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign and fashion show! For some reason, I only managed to stumbled upon that close-up photo with the '60s mod hair and eyeliner a month ago! I'm not exactly all too updated with the shows on the runways, but this definitely made me fall in love, considering the fact that I am and always will be obsessed with eyeliners! Of course now, I am updated with the new Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready-To-Wear fashion show, but I'm still onto this mod look. I'm actually thinking about making an inspired tutorial for this since I did try it once out of the blue, and it totally worked! Aside from that, there's a photo of Ondria Hardin for Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015 with that '60s mod eyeliner too, and the photo of some girl with really long eyelashes - which I definitely think are individual lashes. I just bought medium ones about a week ago and I thought that they're amazing! I tried them on and they didn't really weigh as much on my eyes, and they looked so natural. That's why I'm so crazy over them!
   And since it is summer already, I've been wanting to covet this leather bikini which I think is inspired from Triangl. I found a photo of it on Instagram and I immediately loved it! After all, last year, I haunted for white bathing suits which I've managed to find, so now, I may as well look for black ones. And in what better fabric to find them in than leather, right? Y'know how much I'd love that!
   So yeah, that's about it for now! It's my first time to actually make this kind of mood board, and I really had fun with it! Apparently, you should expect me to post these from now on, because this won't be the last, I'm pretty sure. ;)
   Now, how about you? What are you currently obsessing about for this season? ;)

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