Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   And finally! Here we are on the first of summer...
   Summer playlist, that is!
   I may not be that much of a big fan of the season, but I am excited about this! I guess this is my favorite part about it, really. I just always enjoy setting the playlist for this, and some songs from it even end up becoming my all-time favorites! So yes, without further ado, let's get on with today's post. ;)
   There is nothing like setting the mood by starting with a big bang, right? Now that I've updated my playlist, I've decided to choose Ok Go's latest album, "Hungry Ghosts" that was only released last October, for today's Music Monday!! I've heard of them for a while now, but then for some reason, I didn't listen to their previous album and I only knew one song from them, which was "You're So Damn Hot" that was from their debut album of their namesake. But then, when I watched the recent episode of The Vampire Diaries (season 6, episode 17, "A Bird In A Gilded Cage") and heard this song on the opening scene when Caroline was cleaning the bar and Enzo came in, I knew right then and there that I had to find out what song it was...
   And apparently, I did!
   It's called, "I Won't Let You Down" which has definitely become one of my favorites on my playlist, and of course, on their album! It just sends a good message of reassurance that they wouldn't let anyone down! So the whole song, with its electric synthpop beats, gushes nothing but good vibes all throughout! The album does bring the same feeling as well, and that's why, below I've managed to put together my top five favorites - plus, a remix of that song by Atom that's posted on Soundcloud.
   It is highly recommended that you do check out their album, which as always, you can get on iTunes and at record stores near you - if you couldn't get enough of the eargasm that you will experience whilst listening below... ;)
   Oh and happy first Music Monday!! of the Sizzlin' Summer, lovelies. It's about to get really hot! ;)

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