Music Monday!! - What's New On My Playlist?

   And hello March!!
   I cannot believe that it's the start of another month! Plus, the weather here in the Philippines is getting warmer, and clearly, that means that summer is nearly upon us! Usually though, I do dread this kind of weather, but oh well...
   Apparently, we must go on with the What's New On My Playlist? edition, and so for today, I chose my favorites from Maximo Park's latest album, "Too Much Information." And believe it or not, I wasn't quite aware of them until a few months ago when I discovered their song "Midnight On The Hill" on Youtube. I know, even you probably know them by now, considering that they formed in 2000, and basically released five studio albums now.
   Their fifth studio album was released last February 2014. So yes, it did take me a long time to have discovered them. Either way, I immediately fell in love with their songs. I have yet to check out their previous albums, but for now, I am loving this, considering how absolutely chill their songs are!
   So yeah, check out my top five favorites below and don't forget to get their album on iTunes!

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