Music Monday!! - What's New On My Playlist?

   The last one for this edition!
   How insane is it that March is about to end? Well, not until next week, but you got it, I'm sure. ;) Are you excited for summer though? I'm guessing that everyone probably is already. Too bad's the heat's part of the whole thing, considering the fact that I am just not ready for the scorching heat that'll rain down upon us. Well, I'm never ready for that, but apparently, I must deal with it! This is why we were gifted with the magic of the a swimming pool, of course. ;)
   Anyway, I can talk about my love and hate for the season, but we must head on with today's Music Monday!! before we finally go on to my summer playlist. I'm just about to update my rotting playlist at the moment this week, in preparation for that said edition of this post, which I am very much excited about! So yeah, do make sure that you will tune in for that, because it's about to start sizzlin'! ;)
   For today's post though, I've chosen Fall Out Boy's latest album, "American Beauty/American Psycho." It's actually the first time that I've ever featured Fall Out Boy on Music Monday, and apparently, I've been a big fan of them ever since. I remember singing my heart out to "Sugar, We're Going Down" when I was ten years old and I was listening to this CD mixtape of my sister's where it also had My Chemical Romance's "Helena." That song has been of my many favorites from F.O.B. ever since, and I do think that that's everyone's favorite too! And then, I also remember when "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" came out the next year, it was all we could ever hear along with "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs," and we loved it! So when the album, Infinity On High came out... Man, Dane (my best friend as you've already known) and I sang along to it and knew every word to the songs! I was twelve that time, and she was thirteen. Basically, analyzing every of the songs' lyrics on the album was one of our past times!
   Unfortunately though, when they got off their hiatus and their new album came out, "Save Rock And Roll," almost two years ago, I wasn't able to feature it on Music Monday, which was such a shame by the way. I don't know why I wasn't able to, probably because I was listening to other stuff that I wanted to with you guys that I completely forgot to share about them. Now though, I'm making up for lost time and decided to share my favorites from their new album! ;)
   Go ahead and have at it below, and if you haven't gotten "American Beauty/American Psycho" yet, you definitely should! Their new album can be found on iTunes and at record stores near you. ;)

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