Music Monday!! - What's New On My Playlist?

   Another Music Monday is upon us!
   How was the start of your month so far? Mine's been fairly interesting. Okay, it has been very interesting and quite surprising, really. I do hope though, that these good vibes will go on through the whole month! Nevertheless, here we are on a new week, and as always, I am here to serve you some good tunes for your hectic Mondays! ;)
   So while I was watching the second season of The Originals, I heard this song that I immediately fell in love with. Yet, it took me a few months later - around January this year - until I decided to update my playlist and find the songs to update them with. Apparently, I had to check out the songs from the show, because I did remember hearing that particular song that I loved. And there, on the fifth episode called "Red Door" during that Elijah scene, that was where I found out Hozier's "Arsonist's Lullabye."
     I know, I know... It did take me quite a while, considering you've heard his hit single, "Take Me To Church." But I don't usually listen to the radio anymore, or even be up to the trend of the hottest songs out there at the moment, as you've probably noticed through all these years. Though, I was immediately in love with "Arsonist's Lullabye" that I simply had to get the whole album. And so below, I've managed to put together my top four favorites!
     What I love about Hozier is his voice. There is something about hearing blues with his lush voice, singing with such passion and emotion. And when he does, he's just so effortless, even if he's trying to reach for a high note or what (you'll see it on his live videos on Youtube). He has definitely gained a fan after I watched him. I even think that the videos do not give him any justice!
    If you've already heard his hit single - as I assume that you have ;P - then definitely check out his other songs, by clicking below. Better yet, get his album with his namesake on iTunes and at record stores now!!

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