Charli XCX Live in Manila | Part 1 - How Soon Is Now?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Charli XCX Live in Manila | Part 1

   So earlier this year, when Johnrey and I received the news that Charli XCX would be coming to Manila, we were sooo psyched!! During the holidays last December, when her second album "SUCKER" was released, it was actually our soundtrack for the season! And as you guys know - if you've been following this blog for quite some time now - I am a huge fan of her right when she released her debut album, "True Romance." Apparently then, getting to see her perform live was no question at all... And so we decided to go!
   For a few months, we were a bit nervous and hoped everything would go really well. There was a few plannings here and there, and the week before to finally get our schedule for the said day straight. But on the same week, we managed to join a couple of contests held by the production's (Vybe Productions) Instagram account. Johnrey managed to win a signed autograph CD, and we both joined the Soundcheck Party contest. Unfortunately though, I was the only one who won that and we tried our best to convince Vybe to let us - the winners - bring a friend, so that I can bring him with me.
   So the day (April 18) of the concert came, and I just had three hours of sleep which wasn't surprising at all. Not that I was too excited or anything, it's just that my body clock - as you know, is just that fucked up to begin with. Before lunch though, Johnrey and I started to get ready - with hair and makeup and all - since we had scheduled for us to leave around one in the afternoon. And so we did! We called a cab, waited for it to come pick us up here at home, and we were all set to finally seize this eventful day!
   Unfortunately though, while we were on our way there, the scorching heat of summer was taking a toll on us and made me bit hungry and dizzy. So when the driver pulled for a quick stop, we decided to order food at a nearby fast food restaurant. And thank God that we did, because we needed the energy to go further into our schedule. And yes, I know I sounded a bit like Monica (y'know from "Friends") right there, but I'm telling you now that I am a bit like her, but not as neurotic as she was! ;P

Finished prepping up! ;)

Ready to leave - slash - waiting for the cab! 
In the cab, heading to Bonifacio High Street in Global City!
    Once we arrived at Bonifacio High Street, we ate the burgers we ordered, and hung out by a vending machine that only served beverages. And that was where we bought our cold bottles of water, before we went on to retouch our make-up since the heat was making our faces oily! Apparently, we definitely needed to do that considering how it was vital for the next thing on our schedule - which was our photoshoot! We had to do OOTDs, of course! So after our quick touch-up, I led Johnrey to this place nearby where there weren't much people. I knew then and there that it was the perfect location for us to shoot!
   And of course, we immediately went into the mode, even if the weather was hot!

J rockin' his '20s inspired makeup, whilst I rocked the Saint Laurent A/W 2014 inspired look. ;)

Our location... I will always loooove this place!!

   After our shoot, it was nearly four in the afternoon and we had to head to SM Aura, where the venue of the concert was situated. Since we were sweating a lot, we had to do another quick touch up before finally going there. The Soundcheck Party was scheduled at four PM, and of course, we had to be there on time even if I knew that there will be some delays (it's normal for a concert, apparently) and since I still have to convince Vybe to let Johnrey come with me. So we walked all the way there, considering how it wasn't even too far anyway, and we arrived at exactly 4:10 PM. When we got to the doors of Samsung Hall, the security guard said that it was still closed. But then I had to ask about the Soundcheck Party, and a representative from Vybe talked to us and told us that there were some delays (which wasn't a surprise, by the way) so we should just wait for a little while. I then decided to get us some food to munch later on before or during the concert, and so off we went!
   We bought food - burgers yet again, because they were easy to order at a fast food restaurant, and easy to eat too - and another bottle of water, in case we get dehydrated yet again. So afterwards, we rushed back and thirty minutes later we were by the doors of the Samsung Hall yet again. A lot of people have already arrived than our first arrival, and we were suddenly nervous that we wouldn't be able to get in. But then, around ten minutes later, a representative called upon the Soundcheck Party winners and so the five of us huddled together to hear him talk. He called us one by one and gave us instructions that we will be getting the passes inside, and that each winner will get two passes. Immediately, when Johnrey and I heard, we couldn't believe that Vybe would let us bring a friend! We were so happy yet in awe because what we wished for just happened! So they let us wait a while longer, making us fall in queue...
   That was where we met our newfound soul sister, Reneé!
   The moment we spoke to each other, we immediately clicked! And of course, that certain appeal should not simply be wasted nor it was to be simply ignored, so we became concert buddies! She's the sweetest, petite girl that's so full of life and energy, and who's a hardcore fan of Charli XCX! Johnrey and I couldn't have been any happier to actually have met her. ;)

      A few more moments before the production called upon us again and let us enter the foyer. He then huddled us all together to relay to us that there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that the Soundcheck Party was cancelled. The good news, however, was that we would instead get a meet and greet pass! Immediately, Johnrey and I were dumbstruck in disbelief! Of course, we were more than ecstatic of this sudden turn of events that had ended up being on our side, since our wishes came true! The Meet and Greet won't be until six PM, and so they had let us get our passes before we came back outside to fall in queue while we waited yet again. :)

Got our passes!!! Oh and thanks Reneé for the rose that we gave to Charli. ;)

Closer look: The pass that served as our M&G pass too.
Waiting in line by the doors of the Samsung Hall...
Samsung Hall @ SM Aura
   There was more waiting, apparently, but eventually they finally let us go inside around five PM and led us to the second floor and into the concert grounds. They were preparing the stage while we were there, and we took some photos of it before we were led down again to prepare for the Meet & Greet. We were in this hall that had gigantic windows, leading to a roof deck. We didn't go out to see the sites and all, but instead, we were comfortably sitting on the carpeted floor, having casual conversations about music and everything else we might have in common.
   It was nice though, that we had connected with other people as we waited. It made the experience more amazing and memorable. ;)

The stage...
The hall where we waited...
   And so as much as I hate to do this, but unfortunately, this is where the first part of my post ends, considering how photo heavy and long this is... Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoyed this, and please stay tuned for the next part - where I share with you the best parts of our experience - tomorrow! 
   Have a great day! ;)

*Photos from me and from Johnrey*

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