Charli XCX Live in Manila | Part 2 - How Soon Is Now?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Charli XCX Live in Manila | Part 2

   And so, here we are onto the second part of our experience at the Charli XCX concert last April 18! If you haven't read the first part that I posed last night, please click here. Now without further ado, let me share with you the best parts of our day!!

Still waiting...
(L-R: Johnrey, Me, and our newfound soul sister, Reneé)
   The anticipation was killing us, but by conversing we managed to get our shits together, just so we could gather enough energy before we erupt once Charli XCX arrived. Around seven in the evening, the long wait was over. Charli finally arrived at the venue and we saw her climbing the stairs with her crew. We were so giddy, that we were all so starry-eyed and basically, our hearts skipped a beat with excitement!
   Once she landed upon the floor, that was when we lost our shit for the first time for the night! We started screaming, and huddled close by just to get a glimpse of her! And man, even if we were more than a few yards away, she looked that damn gorgeous! She wore a white cropped sweater under a demin jacket, straight-cut denim jeans that were folded by her ankles, and a pair of clear, high-heeled sandals! Of course, she wore sunglasses - probably from jet lag or from travelling too much for her tour - and had her hair up in a messy ponytail that made me wish I could achieve, considering how her hair was naturally curly. As everyone waited in line and for their turn to meet and take a photo with her - Vybe wanted us to be in groups, just so it'd be fast and a little less chaotic. I still made a few noises by screaming her name, which was a bit surprising since my voice echoed through the hall, but I didn't really care. She managed to notice us with a smile and a wave while she graciously attended to the ones who were currently meeting her at that moment. We then decided to be the last ones to meet her, just so our meeting with her would be longer.
   I know. How strategic of us, right? ;P

Here she is!!!
My sneak photo of her. =))
   So... The moment finally came when it was our time. We were all a bit nervous and excited all at the same time as we stood close by, waiting. When she was done with the group before us, she turned and smiled as she did a little giddy scream - mimicking our enthusiasm. That was when we screamed yet again as we ran towards her and gave her a hug. Reneé was one of the fastest though, lol. She managed to talk to her, showed Charli her SUCKER nail art, which was a tribute to her and her album. of course. And Charli showed us her own white glittery nails, saying with her English accent, "I just did this last night." Johnrey showed his to her as well, since he also had my glittery - "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" - nail polish on, and I said that mine was fake. Haha!
   That was when Vybe wanted us to take the group photo, and so we did! Plus, they caught our interaction on camera, too! And we gave her our gifts, of course. ;)

*Photo from Vybe Productions.*
*Photo from Vybe Productions*
*Photo from Vybe Productions*
    After that, she signed our passes and we managed to talk to her for a short while. When it was my turn, I asked if she could take a selfie with me, and she agreed! And so we took a selfie together! At first, I sort of panicked because the Vybe crew behind us was telling us to finally go, and so when Johnrey huddled close with Charli, I tried to squeeze in to take a selfie with her (Hahaha, sorry J. I was in panic mode ;P). I'm glad though that I was still able to take one with her! She was just so nice and gorgeous, and she smelled like vanilla and roses with a hint of glitter - everything that was Charli XCX. I told her that I've been a fan since the very beginning and she thanked me for it - when really, I should be thanking her for making such awesome music - before we finally left and went downstairs.

Our selfies...
   We had to give our tickets at the registry before we finally fell in queue for the concert. That was when I finally approached B.P. Valenzuela. You see, at the Meet & Greet, I saw this girl wearing all black clothes, with a black backpack where "Bad Girl" was written in white, bold, capital letters at the back. She was carrying Charli XCX's True Romance vinyl, and that was what caught my eye. And when we were sitting on the carpeted floor while we waited for Charli, I told Johnrey that I liked her cool vibe. But when she arrived, that was when I finally spoke to B.P. and asked where she got the vinyl. She said that she worked at a vinyl store, which was pretty cool if you asked me, considering how I've always been interested in them (my grandfather still has a collection of his here at home, and we still have our old vinyl players working well). After that, I was distracted with Charli since we were about to meet her. So then, when we came back down and I saw B.P. by the line, I came over and casually talked to her.
   That was when before I knew that she was actually an up and coming electronic music artist, which I didn't know until after the concert, by the way. I mean, I knew she was playing and all, but yeah... I couldn't help but think how stupid I must've sounded (hello, social anxiety) when I talked to her, but she's one rad chick and I officially love her! So yeah...
   Yay to new friends!! :D

Selfie with B.P. ;)
Waiting for the doors to open
   As we were in line, we sat onto the carpeted floor again, munching on food and drinking some water to rehydrate. The concert was supposed to start at eight PM, but it wasn't until around that time that they let us enter the concert grounds. And when we finally did, there was - apparently - more waiting. Yet, adrenaline kept us going and the good music that they blasted through the gigantic speakers. I was even happy that they played one of my all-time favorite songs, "Crimewave" by Crystal Castles! That ought to keep me interested! ;) 
   We sat on the floor while we waited. Then around ten in the evening, the lights went out and people in front began to scream. Immediately, that was when we stood and basically balanced ourselves onto the metal borders to get a better view, even if we already did. When music began to play, the band members went out first and began to play their instruments. The opening song was "SUCKER" and as they began to play the intro, Charli finally came out and began to perform. Needless to say, that was when we lost our shit! I've caught it on video, of course, but I may as well share with you the one that I've already uploaded on Instagram, since it's just way easier. ;)
The view behind us. Of course we had to take selfies while waiting. :))

And there's Charli XCX!!!


So this was her line-up for the night:
  1. Sucker
  2. Breaking Up
  3. I Love It
  4. Famous
  5. Superlove
  6. Doing It
  7. Need Ur Love
  8. Black Roses
  9. Stay Away 
  10. You (Ha Ha Ha)
  11. Body Of My Own
  12. Allergic To Love
  13. London Queen
  14. Break The Rules
  15. Gold Coins
  16. Grins
  17. Boom Clap

The crowd jumping along to Break The Rules. ;) 
   Waiting for her for more than two hours, plus the waiting time we had to endure was sooo worth it! Of course, she ended her set for the night with Boom Clap - which I've also caught on video, with my other favorites, yet this was the other one that I posted on Instagram (check it out below). During her performances however, she did manage to wave at us several times, considering how we could be easily seen standing on the barricade that was only a few yards away! Haha! Still, that also made our hearts melt and made us lose our shit even more altogether! And as difficult it was for me to balance on that barricade with my platform boots, like I've said it was all worth it! Plus, I just kept singing along all the way - that I may or may not have annoyed some people beside me and in front of me, but fuck it. Those certain details made the concert experience even better! We were there to go all out, and that was what Johnrey and I did. Reneé and B.P. was in front at the SVIP section, and I'm pretty sure they lost their shit too! And who wouldn't with that view of Charli XCX performing right before them?

   After the concert, we were tired but we lingered around the Samsung Hall for a while, since we couldn't find Reneé and B.P. I figured that we should at least say goodbye to our concert buddies. Besides, we would be walking back to Bonifacio High Street, so we may as well sit for a while to re-energize. Eventually, Reneé came out and we went along with her down the building before we went on our separate ways, and Johnrey and I went out of SM Aura to head over to FullyBooked - my favorite place, as you know - at Boni High. The store didn't close until twelve midnight, so I figured that's when we could take a break before we go home. Plus, there was Starbucks on the third floor, and I wanted to munch on something, at least. While on the way there, we managed to bump into B.P., and that was where we said our goodbyes. :)
   So at Starbucks, I got a cookie and got us mugs of cold water, as Johnrey uploaded on Instagram and on Facebook. I ate of course, until the store closed and we finally left. This time, Johnrey was too tired to take any photos, and I was still okay - even if I operated with only three hours of sleep. Haha! Nevertheless, we went down and called a cab.
   Then, we finally went home...

   We were sore yet hungover from the whole experience the next day. And apparently, we were hungover for the next few days after that. It was just an amazing and awesome experience that's certainly one to hit the books (or the blog, whatever ;P)! Plus, all we ever hoped for and wished for for that day came true, and it was just indescribable and surreal, really. We couldn't have asked for more!
   I'd like to take the time to thank my dear friend, Johnrey for taking me along with him - if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have experienced that epic night! Also, I'd like to thank Vybe Productions, not only for bringing Charli XCX here in Manila, but also for granting us - the winners - two passes each, and did damage control by letting us meet her instead! I want to thank Charli XCX (in the hopes of her ever seeing this, which chances are quite slim, obviously) for the awesome show and for being so sweet and awesome during the M&G. Thanks to our newfound soul sister, Reneé, for letting us have a rose from her bouquet to give to Charli, and for being an awesome concert buddy. And last, but definitely not the least, God for making that day absolutely epic, that you made it all fall rightly into place and making things that were beyond us happen!
   So yes, I hope you guys enjoyed this two-part post of our experience, and thanks for reading! My outfit post for this will be posted - as per usual - this coming Fashion Friday!! So do stay tuned for that! And I hope you guys have a great day!! ;)

*Photos from me, Johnrey, and Vybe Productions*

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