Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   As you've always known, I've been a huge fan of Juveniles (see how many times I've featured them on Music Monday!!) - this French band that I continue to rave about, since they are and will always be my favorite! So when they tweeted (if I recall correctly) that they were going to drop new songs soon, I asked them when shall we expect them to finally drop and that I just cannot wait. They replied that they would release them probably later this year, and while I'm waiting, I should probably check out Clarens' songs.
   I only found out about Clarens when I saw Yuksek - a well known French electronic music producer - promoted his songs on Twitter. Of course, the other thing that sparked my interest was when I saw several videos of Juveniles performing live on Youtube, and Clarens was their bassist.  Immediately, I finally decided to check his songs out, and that was when I fell in love with his singles, "Trust" and "Pray." Apparently, I love them too much that they're definitely included on my Summer playlist - which couldn't be any more perfect for it!
   So let just tell you a little something about Clarens. He's a French musician from Rennes, France who goes by that name as his alias. At first, his love for electronic music made him release remixes for several known bands before he finally caught the interest of Juveniles' vocalist, Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic. And then, that brought him to Yuksek, under the label Partyfine. Needless to say, the rest was history...
   After I've featured Marz Leon last week with her chill yet haunting songs, Clarens will bring you nothing but smoothness and relaxation. So check out his works below, and you can get them on iTunes. For now, I shall be enjoying them while waiting for new stuff to be released, and I seriously cannot wait! ;)
   Go on, have at it below... Maintenant! ;)

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