Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   You know whose eyebrows are game strong?
   Well, certainly not me, but this artist is!
   The last time that I've featured Marz Leon for Music Monday was last July, and now I am seriously glad that she's on my Summer Playlist! And as you've already known, I've been raving about her since the very beginning when I heard her song, "L O N E R." After that though, she had already released an EP, and recently two new songs - that I am absolutely in love with! Also, I just wanna throw it out there that she followed me back on Twitter, so apparently I cannot be any more ecstatic and in love with her too, besides her totally on point fashion sense, of course!
   There is always something about her songs that are haunting yet mesmerizing, too! And that's what I absolutely love about them, including her unique voice! She also produces her own stuff, and directs her own music videos (click the link above to check out my previous post about her and see her video)! Who wouldn't love a rad chick like her? Besides, I've already given you some pretty upbeat stuff to listen to at the beach, these ones are great for taking the scenes of your vacation all in!
   So check out her new works out, "W H I T E L I O N Z" and "LEVITATION" along with the That's Nice's Remix, below!

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