Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Unfortunately, this is not a scheduled post, and I'm allotting my time at the moment to write this considering that I might forget to... Yet again. ;P Either way, I cannot seem to bear the heat today, and I regret not being able to schedule this post as it is quite difficult to function in this kind of weather.
   But the good part of today is that it is the third week of the summer playlist, and I've decided to share with you my favorites from MOTHXR! They're an indie band from Brooklyn, New York, and it's actually where Penn Badgley (you might remember him as Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl) is the front man. I've stumbled upon them while I was rummaging around Youtube a few months ago, and I saw my top favorite song's music video, "Easy." And thank God, I found out about them! I must say that it piqued my curiosity the way their band name was spelled too, and in the back of my mind, I hoped that it would be a great song.
   And indeed, it was!
   Sooo great by the way, that it did end up as my favorite! So yes, if you are having a hectic Monday and have this great desire to be spending the day lounging by the pool or frolicking into the water, I'd say throw their songs into the mix of your playlist! I do find them best as Shura's dark counterparts. If you don't believe me, have at it below! And you can get their songs on iTunes, as always. ;)
   For now, enjoy!

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