Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   After a solemn week, here we are for the second Music Monday of my summer playlist!
   How's the start of your month going so far? Mine's been definitely quite eventful, and not to mention, quite busy. But s'alright. I had a lot of fun anyway!
   Now, I've been listening to Shura since last month, but I've figured that her songs are just way too perfect for the summer, and that is why she's still included on my playlist! Not only that, of course, but because I am just sooo in love with her songs that I simply couldn't get enough of them. If you've been following me on Instagram, you would've seen a video of me and my friend, Johnrey, singing along to my favorite, "Indecision." 
   So below, I've put them all together (I couldn't say my favorites, because they're all my favorites ;P) in a playlist with the remixes, that'll definitely take you back to the '80s with their chill, electropop vibes! They'll seriously make you want to sit by the seashore while you hear the waves crashing and her songs playing in your earphones - don't say that I didn't warn you! So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy and while we wait for her debut album - that's set to be released this year - you can get Shura's songs on iTunes. ;)

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