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   I've been considering to make a Vlog for quite some time now. And immediately, once it popped up in my mind, I knew that if I ever made one it was going to be for Fashion Friday!! So, I've managed to allot some time to actually get into this since I've also been planning to dye my hair, and I thought that it'd be the perfect way for me to show you guys my own Hairvolution!
   Y'know, hair + evolution = Hairvolution. ;P
   I've told you two Fashion Fridays ago that I was obsessed with Taylor Tomasi Hill's hair color. Since then, I've been absolutely engaged into reading about what I can do to achieve it. I also researched some reviews of Revlon's Colorsilk colors on other blogs, and whether they would actually be similar to what I wanted to achieve. That was when I came across "Bleach Shampoo" or "Bleach Bath," since I knew that if I wanted to have that vibrant ginger-ish kind of red, I would need to be able to have some contact with bleach. Yet, I was absolutely scared to just directly bleach it, so thank God that I found this alternative!! Plus, this method is perfect for gradually lightening your hair without damaging it as much.
   I left the bleach shampoo for only ten minutes, since parts of my hair were already light, and I needed to just try and make my roots even. A few days later, I bleach shampooed again, but this time I used baking soda as an alternative for bleaching powder, which worked by the way and it's actually much gentler to use. Although, the blue bleaching powder eliminates brassy tones, so if you strongly dislike such, use this instead. Afterwards, I let my hair rest for about a week (even if the resting time for the hair should be at least 2 - 3 weeks, but apparently, I didn't have the luxury of time to do so) before I finally dyed it.
   I do warn you however, that any contact with bleach is dangerous. So please do be careful, and read instructions very well. Also, do remember to do patch tests first, and not to leave it in a prolonged period than necessary. In the video, I showed you guys that I had an emergency case of dying my hair again the next day after I actually dyed it - you'll know once you watch the video - and I do not advise for you or anyone to do so. But if you want to take the risk, please take extra precautions before you do this and experiment so as not to damage your crowning glory, because we obviously do not want that!
   I have provided photos below, to show you further in detail my hair color transition. I also included a photo of the dyes that I used. So yes, I hope you guys enjoy my first ever VLOG, and I wish you all a very Happy Fashion Friday!! ;)


L-R: (1) Mixing the bleaching shampoo, (2) Left the bleach shampoo for about ten minutes, (3) After I washed my hair, and it's already a bit lighter, (4) After I dried my hair under the harsh flash lights of Johnrey's phone.


L-R: (1) First color that I attempted to use, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the color, and some parts were still uneven due to my grown roots, (2) The second color that I used, which helped me attain the kind of color I wanted. :)

L-R: I just woke up on both of these photos, lol. (1) When I slept, I left my hair in a top bun, so yeah. But either, this was the result from the first dye, and as you see, there were uneven parts. (2) The results from the second dye, and the next few days, it turned out to become even lighter. ;)


(Click to enlarge photo)

And I absolutely cannot be any more happy with my hair transition!! Yippee!!
P.S. I was listening to my '80s playlist while I was editing this, so I couldn't help but use them for good vibes on my VLOG. ;) 

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