Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   Last week, I showed you how to do the Saint Laurent A/W 2014 makeup look, and I did mention on the tutorial video that I was going to rock it at the Charli XCX's concert. Now though, I'm going to show you what I wore! I'd say that the dress was perfect for Charli, and of course, I did kind of match my outfit with her style as a tribute.

    I may or may not have told some people that I went to a drag race the night before, took the flag, then made the birds sew it into this dress because I'm fucking Cinderella. Hahaha! Of course, with much amusement and sarcasm in my tone. Nevertheless, I was definitely ready for Charli, and this outfit couldn't have turned out for the better considering the unexpected turn of events during the concert (yup, we actually got to meet her!), so yeah. 
   Hope you guys had a great day, and have a great weekend ahead! 
   Happy Fashion Friday, mon amies! ;)

*Photo credits: Johnrey Almonte*

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