Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   I had to attend a wedding the day after I've dyed my hair (if you haven't seen my HAIRVOLUTION post, click here), which was why I did have the emergency case of dying it again after the day that I actually dyed it (again, I do not recommend for any of you to do so). Either way, I enjoyed being in this joyous occasion between two people that love each other.
   The dress that I wore was simple yet it was definitely elegant. I loved that it was a woven fabric, and that the gold paint caught the lights which made it glimmer. So I decided to wear my black wedge sandals that had gold metal plates and details on the soles. And to match with them, I decided to go for a matte beaded clutch bag, just so it would also give my outfit a different texture with the shimmery dress. I didn't opt for accessories whatsoever, I let my new red hair and my dress speak for itself along with my makeup!

   So what do you guys think? I went for the understated elegance and tried my shot. Truth be told, I loved this look so much that I wished that this was the dress that I wore to the prom years ago. It made me feel as if I was a Grecian Goddess (anyone can dream), but I chose the old Hollywood Glamour instead, with my own twist - because let's face it, with my layered locks, it'd be difficult to achieve those clean waves. But oh well... I hope you guys had a fun day, and I wish you all a Happy Fashion Friday!!
   TGIF, it is! ;)

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